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Take advantage of your trip to Sri Lanka by purchasing tax free wine in the Sri Lanka airport. If you wish to buy bottles of inexpensive wine, the airport duty free stores offer the possibility to acquire high quality wine bottles for a reduced price, thanks to the tax exemption placed on alcohol.

In this section of the duty free catalogue, you can find a wide variety of wines native to countries known for producing the best grapes, such as France, Spain and Italy. Spanish brand wines such as Protos, Osborne and Ramón Bilbao are some of the wineries that sell their products in the duty free stores at the best price. In addition, you can acquire French wines such as Louis Jadot or the Domaine de la Baume, aside from the best bottles of Italian wine.

Wine lovers passing through Sri Lanka are in luck, you can already purchase the best bottles of wine at the most competitive prices wihout giving up the superior quality of the most exclusive wineries. Place your order through the duty free website and pick up your bottles of wine in the Sri Lanka the day you travel. Save time and money on your alcoholic beverage purchases in the Sri Lanka duty free stores!